African Heritage Collection was launched in 1994 with a mission to educate and showcase African history and culture through its exquisite art and home decorating products.  In the process, the company provides a much-needed platform for many indigenous skilled carvers to support their families and help sustain their trade and the environment.


We strive to inform, educate and share the rich history and culture of Ghana and Africa through its artisans’ craftsmanship. The country’s lifeblood is a vibrant network of villages intertwined with the arts and crafts industry. Each hand-carved item represents an ingenious blend of culture, way of life and ideas innate to the artisan. As the world trends towards a global village, together we become more unified by sharing and celebrating the strength that comes from our radiant diversity. 


We pledge to you a one-of-a-kind opportunity. Our collection of many brilliant works of art for the generations, each one an original, are sure to enhance your home décor and your appreciation of Ghanaian craftsmanship."

We have assembled an in-house talent pool of carvers who brainstorm and work exclusively on our new product ideas and concepts. We also partner with select and highly skilled craft villages, cooperatives and businesses to develop unique products. Our knowledge of local conditions and long relationships with the carving community has created an unprecedented partnership to bring unique products to market.

Our pledge is motivated by three things:

  1. To offer unique, handmade products for every room in your home. Because they are handmade, no two products are alike- each with a special character that reflects the type of material and the creativity of the carver.
  2. To offer an unparalleled level of product quality with our three-tier quality control system – at the carving sites, at the export warehouse and finally at the U.S. distribution center. The process ensures that each piece meets our high standards for product design and appeal.
  3. To offer high quality pieces at affordable prices.

Please shop with confidence, knowing you have our unconditional guarantee with the highest degree of confidence.