Adinkra Corner - GYE NYAME


The Gye Nyame (Gee-Yaa-Me) symbol is arguably the most beautiful and ubiquitous of the Adinkra sacred symbols ascribed to the Akan people who settled in the area of West Africa that is now called Ghana and Ivory Coast.  

The word Nyame is one of many names the Akan people use to describe the Supreme Being and Creator of the universe. The meaning draws from an African proverb about the mystery of creation; that there is no life that existed at its beginning and none will witness its end, except God. With the supreme and omniscient God, nothing is impossible. The symbol is well known to people of the African diaspora.

The average Ghanaian invokes God’s name countless times in daily conversations; a reflection of the deeply religious character of the people and their deep-seated belief in  God’s supremacy.

Because of its popularity, the Gye Nyame symbol has widespread applications among Ghanaians and people in the diaspora – on shirts, clothing & traditional wear, jewelry, accessories, tattoos, furniture, and buildings. Most recently, it has been designed as a Lifetime Achievement Award to recognize leadership and excellence in the African-American community.

April 06, 2017 by Customer Service
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