20 Facts About Ghana



Did you know Ghana (‘s)….

  1. Is approximately the size of the State of Michigan (approx. 92,000 sq. miles)?
  2. Means Warrior King?
  3. Has a population of 25 million (2012 Est.)?
  4. Was the first Sub-Saharan country to gain independence in 1957?
  5. Changed its name from Gold Coast after independence?
  6. Population is 71% Christian, and 18% Islamic?
  7. Largest ethnic group is the Akan?
  8. Official language is English spoken by 75% of the population?
  9. Adult literacy rate is 67%?
  10. Average Income per person is $2-$3 per day?
  11. Capital is Accra (pronounced Akraa) with a population over 2 million?
  12. Has only two seasons – Rainy & Dry season?
  13. Coldest temperature is approx. 65 Degrees F. The hottest – well, it can get really hot! (lol).
  14. Was the first Sub-Saharan place the Europeans arrived to trade – in Gold and later slaves?
  15. Is the 2nd largest producer of Cocoa in the world?
  16. Is one of the largest producers of Gold, Petroleum and Natural Gas in the world?
  17. Is home to the 2nd largest man-made lake in the world – Lake Volta?
  18. Is the homeland of former U.N. Ambassador Kofi Annan?
  19. Is the only country in the world with a day name for every child?
  20. Flag has three horizontal bands – Red (top), Gold (middle), and Green (bottom) with a 5-pointed black star centered in the Gold band. The Red signifies the struggle for autonomy, Gold for the abundance of minerals, and Green for lush tropical environment.


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