Kingdom Art Trophies & Awards

Handmade Art, Symbolism and Class come together nicely in our unique, new line of "Kingdom Art Trophies & Recognition Awards”  -  a Handmade Art alternative to the traditional acrylic/metallic style awards.

Designed by the Company’s principal, Julius Aboagye, the new awards incorporate Handmade Art that are already steeped in history and symbolism. Each piece, an original, includes a Certificate of Authenticity that reflects a unique story line. That means an Award can be selected for presentation by matching its symbolism to the purpose for the recognition. Some of the designs draw from centuries-old sacred Adinkra symbols that collectively formthe complex body of practice and belief in pre-literate Ghanaian society. But more than that, the designs also draw on popular symbols of love and family that have universal appeal.

There are awards for Leadership, Inspiration, Community Service, Excellence, Diversity, Mentoring, Lifetime Achievement, etc,. The awards can be either table-top or wall pieces and can be customized to meet the client’s needs. The hand-carving and finish are of museum quality and, for the recipient, the Award holds significant value as it becomes a timeless piece of art for generations.

The awards are marketed to Schools & colleges, businesses, churches, civic and professional organizations. Aboagye explains that plans are in the works to use the same concept to introduce an ancillary line of special occasion gift pieces for weddings, anniversaries, graduations, valentine’s day  and more.

March 13, 2016 by Customer Service
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