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According to 2013 global poll released by WIN-Gallup International, a world-wide network of leading opinion pollsters, Ghana tops the list as the most religious country in the world with 96% of people in the country thinking of themselves as religious.
The WIN-Gallup International ‘Religion and Atheism Index’, which measures global self-perceptions on beliefs, is based on interviews with more than 50,000 men and women selected from 57 countries across the globe in five continents. The survey also provides trend data for monitoring shifts in global attitudes in the last ten years.

If you’ve ever been to Ghana or know someone from Ghana it's not surprising that Ghana tops the poll. Ghanaians tend to wear their faith on their sleeve. Their cultural traditions and social norms are woven into their religious beliefs and practices. A simple greeting of “How are you? (Wo ho tse sen?) is met with the response, “Awurade Adom“ (By God’s grace, I’m well). Say goodbye to someone as you begin a journey and you will hear “Wo ne Awurade Nko” (“Go with God”). Notify them that you have arrived at your destination and they will almost always say “Ye da Awurade Ase” (“Thanks be to God”). It’s fair to say that the growth of unorthodox Christian churches have far outgrown any other institution in Ghana over the last decade; small, large, and Mega Churches dot the landscape.

Ghana boasts a collection of sacred Adinkra symbols. Adinkra is a Ghanaian cotton cloth that has traditional symbols of the Akan people (the largest ethnic group) stamped on it. The centuries-old symbols number more than sixty and represent idioms conveying wisdom and commentary about universal aspects of life. Each of the Adinkra symbols has a distinct meaning, often linked with proverbs. It is believed the symbols were originally the means in a pre-literate Ghanaian society for communicating the complex body of practice and belief. It is not unusual to find some symbols with more than one design.

Arguably the most popular Adinkra symbol in the diaspora is “Gye Nyame (Gee-yaa-may). Translated, it means “Except for God” and signifies the supremacy and omniscience of God. The symbol is used in decorations, clothing, and artwork.

By the way .... the top ten most religious countries in the world are..... Ghana, Nigeria, Armenia, Fiji, Macedonia, Romania, Iraq, Kenya, Peru, and Brazil.

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