Laptops for Ghana Blind Band

Charles Oppong was born blind in the village of Nwiso in the Eastern Region of Ghana. To make matters worse, he was abandoned by his parents because of his disease. His uncle became his guardian throughout his early years until high school age. Then money ran out. With no more financial support to continue his education, Oppong dropped out of high school to beg on the streets of Ghana.

Even in his predicament, Oppong was very ambitious and had visions of becoming a musician. He shared his dream with whoever would listen. With donations and money he garnered from the streets, he formed a group called the Royal Sparrows Ministry Band of Ghana in 2006. His mission was to leverage the musical talents of his blind friends to eke out a living and improve their quality of life.

Our company’s principal, Julius Aboagye, met Oppong in 2012 on one of his trips to Ghana. Julius was touched by his story and his burning desire to empower the lives of people with disabilities. He decided to become an advocate for Oppong and his growing band of more than twenty members. Some of the band’s immediate needs were laptop computers to help with the recording and practice sessions. Oppong’s goal was to divide the band into two or more groups to enable them play at multiple functions and earn more income.

Julius brought the band’s request to his church in the United States. Through the church’s fundraising efforts and Julius’ personal donation, two laptops were purchased and sent to the group in Ghana in June 2014.

Since the donation, Oppong is in the process of breaking the band into two groups. He has also formed an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization), called Royal Sparrows Ministry International to promote awareness and empower the rights of people with disabilities in Ghana.

Julius continues to advocate for the Royal Sparrows Ministry band and their cause. Stay tuned for more updates about the band in the future.

Click the link below to view more pictures and videos of the band.

September 02, 2014 by Customer Service
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