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Celebrate Friendship - Silk Thread Art (UNFRAMED)


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An exquisite Unframed Silk Thread Art to substantially upgrade your wall collection. Silk Thread artwork is a labor intensive weaving and layering of Silk Thread on a Formica board to create a scene or image. This art is reserved for artisans highly skilled in drawing and hand dexterity in the creating process. The process can take several days depending on the size and complexity of the piece.

Depicts three friends celebrating their eternal friendship in a joyful dance. Created by artist and designer B. Ofosuhene of Ghana.  Each piece is an original, finished slightly different by Ofosuhene as a unique showpiece.

  • Upscale accent wall hanging.
  • Eye-pleasing vivid colors.
  • Great value. Great gift idea.
  • Certificate of Authenticity.  Handmade in Ghana. 24"H x 32"L.