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Djembe Drum 7.5"Face


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A big sound to remember – we asked expert drum makers to craft this drum from one solid piece of Tweneboa wood. The result was this great sounding drum. Tweneboa wood is a kind of Cedar wood and a favorite wood of drum makers because of its durability and attractive finish. The wood is named after a skilled master drummer, Tweneboa Kodua, who during his lifetime was the chosen drum maker of many local chiefs.

The drum face is made of hand-shaved dried goat hide. It has a rich tone and features double iron ring head construction. Our drums are strung tightly with very durable rope and a double weave around the rim. This ensures that the drum stays well-tuned with long lasting superior sound quality. Excellent sound.

Due to the hand-crafted nature of the drum you can expect some nuances in measurements and color, especially the goat hide. This is the unique characteristic of hand work; no two pieces are exactly alike. For the most part the skin from the back part of the goat is used in stringing the drum. Handmade in Ghana. 7.5" Face x 16"H.