Classic Multicultural Recognition Awards - For Your Next Event

The mission of African Heritage Collection is to educate and showcase African history and culture through its art and home decorating products. Today, that mission is as strong as ever and led the company to market a line of Multicultural Trophies & Recognition Awards that reflect the history, sacred symbols and heritage of people of African descent in artistic and relevant forms.

These awards provide an opportunity to celebrate the continent’s rich heritage while recognizing those who work passionately every day to inspire and uplift the causes, community, and the people we are connected to.

Each Award has a unique story and comes with two certificates – one to certify that it was hand-carved in the motherland and the other, an 81/2 x 11 certificate to describe the symbolism behind the Award.

We have a wide variety of Awards for all major categories - Leadership, Inspiration, Community Service, Excellence, Diversity, Mentoring, and Lifetime Achievement. The carving is of museum quality and, for the recipient, the Award holds significant value as it becomes a timeless piece of Art and History for generations.

March 03, 2018 by Customer Service
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