Meet Ghana's Most Renowned Artist


Born in 1978 in Kumasi, Ghana, Bernard Mensah showed an aptitude and love for painting from infancy. He has very strong family ties; the eldest of three children to a single mother – a market woman – who encouraged his quest to become a successful artist by enrolling him in art school and providing him with the materials he needed.

Mensah has an intense sense of coloring and this vibrancy adds a great deal to the paintings he produces. Asked how he creates his images, he replied “I create to portray how I see nature and to exhibit the artistic qualities in me.” Mensah produces works that are easily identifiable not merely through his own style but his subjects as well. The characters he portrays, the stories that he tells, are all part of one very elaborate narrative. Some of his works include To The Stream, Mother & Child, and Women of Hope.

Mensah has exhibited widely and participated in a number of Ghanaian and international exhibitions. His works of art are held in both public buildings and in private collections in Ghana, the USA and in Europe.


October 08, 2014 by Customer Service
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