Honoring A Dying Wish - June 2014 Update



Dad was devout a Christian, instilling these virtues in us growing up. It was his heart-felt desire to give back to his community by building a pastor's residence for his church in the town of Dawu in Ghana that badly needed one. Accommodation in the community was virtually non-existent and the church lacked funds to build one. That made it extremely difficult to attract clergy. The residence would be a "Mission House" and also accommodate Church functions and other community religious activities. Unfortunately Dad was not able to realize his dream during his lifetime. Just before passing, he reminded me of his promise to the church; I gave him my assurances and he passed away in peace.  Two and a half years after his passing, in April, 2014, we broke ground and the project began in earnest.


Jan - April 2014: Architectural plans for the "Mission House" were completed and a builder was selected.

May - Jun 2014: Church land for the project was cleared and the building foundation was completed.


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June 18, 2014 by Customer Service
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