Meet Our Artisan

K. Amani is a talented carver discovered by African Heritage Collection decades ago. The company provided him the necessary tools and challenged him with new concepts and ideas to hone his carving skills. His attention to detail was extraordinary and his reputation soared. Still, he had challenges in his transition from apprenticeship to being on his own. Our company provided him much needed financing to enable him set up his own artisan shop and hire apprentices.

Today Amani's fortunes have turned around. He is well established and his business continues to flourish and provide income to support his family and educate his children. He plans to give back to his community by providing opportunities for emerging artisans.

Amani's shop produces a wide range of colorful products including Wisdom Mask, Fulani Mask, and family-themed pieces - Heart-shaped lovers, Mother & Child, Kneeling & Praying Angels and I Love You statuette.





March 05, 2014 by Customer Service
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